Virtual Machine Guest Overview Dashboard Inaccurate - VMware

In the “Virtual Machine Guest Overview” Dashboard, you can see the correlation between VMs discovered by the proxy/plugin and actual agent instances in BigFix… For VM’s with the agent installed, the “BES Computer” field should be populated. I am seeing inconsistent results both in my Lab and at a client.

Some show up and some do not.
I nee no difference between the ones that do and do not. For instance, two reference systems on the same VM Host, discovered by the same VM Manager plugin… Both are named properly and match (including case). Both are windows server machines with the same client (9.5.2).

What does this dashboard use to match up the two?

Trying to make sure that all VMs have the client and this dashboard is just plain wrong. Are there any other resources to match them up outside of exporting the data to excel?

Additionally, all analysis are activated and the Virtual Machine Host Information analysis DOES show both reference VMs. The other analysis also look normal with complete data.

Hi Chad, any luck on the issue? I am in the same vote and could use the help.


We created a custom web report to show VM guests that did not have BF installed. Is that what you are after or are you looking for systems that have BF installed?


Hi Chris,
We are looking to use the Server Automation for patching which includes taking offline snapshots of the windows VM. They all have agents installed and are reporting. I just need to ensure that there are matching entries for the BES computers in the Virtual Machine Guest overview. I figured that is required if I am looking to create automated scripts that my team just need to pick the server and one click patch which includes the offline snapshots and any other minor task such as updating the vmtools.