VB script run on CMD

Dear Team,

I have one VB script for find out network inventory, In that the following inputs i need to give while running the VB on CMD Its Pop-up and ask following inputs.

Output file name For eg: asset
Subnet range 192.X.X.(only 3)
Starting IP 1 (for eg X.X.X.1)
Ending IP 255(for eg X.X.X.255)

For all your reference here I attached screenshots of running that VB file.

How can i insert these inputs values automatically while run that VB script on CMD through bigfix???

Thanks & Regards

That depends on the VBScript.

If this VBScript was written internally, then it is up to whoever wrote it to provide a way to specify the parameters on the command line, or you would have to add this capability yourself.

If you don’t have to run this specific script, then it might be possible to achieve the same thing as the script but using a different program or by seeing what this script does internally and adapting the same process differently.