v9.0.586.0 upgrade?

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What are people’s success with upgrading from 8.2 9.0? From the forum and the 9.0 known issues list, it seems like it might be better to wait until the next minor release so some of these 9.0 bugs can be worked out.

will the next 9.0 minor version not be released until the next quarter, or will be be released before hand to resolve some of these issues?

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Been working with support trying to upgrade my dev/training environment to v9 for over a week now. Little success.

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After a successful upgrade in DEV, I proceeded into Production only to find that my main relay isn’t showing as relevant. It’s now been 5 days since upgrading the server.

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Approaching 30 days for me and still not working. Seems the change to how an internet proxy is handled seems to be messing up local downstream communication.

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Hello everyone…

This was very frustrating for me also but I did manage to find a workaround and notified IBM 10 days ago. This is what I did…

1.) Run/Deploy the IBM Endpoint Management Administration Tool > Select the the Encryption Tab on the far right

After installing version 9 I had lost all clients in the network including the bes server itself not reporting. I noticed that there was a warning here saying that it could not DECRYPT. I generated a key by selecting the generate key box and then it showed that I could decrypt. Majority of my clients came alive again except for the relays and all nodes downstream from the relay. After reading about this new release, I went back into the same IBM ADMIN TOOL and decided to just disable the encryption as it is the cause of major problems in my opinion.

After removing the encryption entirely I then removed each relay. I now have the entire network reporting into the server and the server also is reporting to itself. I am not sure why the support staff is not relaying this info to the end users. I will create new relays once IBM patches this version but for now I can deploy and that is the most important.

Restart BES Server services and the clients will start reporting…

Good Luck!


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We will be releasing a patch release to 9.0 shortly, if your preference is to wait for the update. Thanks for checking.

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Please define “shortly”. Thanks

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agreed, days, weeks, or months out?

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We are targeting the first patch release for the beginning of May, but that could be subject to delays as we incorporate feedback and fixes from experience with customer upgrades.

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Now that v9.0.649 has been released, has anyone noticed if it fixed alot of their issued when running v9.0.586? Is it now safe(er) in your opinion to go from 8.2. to 9.0.649?

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Well, we just went from 8.2 to 9.0.649 and it was a disaster. This is the 1st upgrade that totally bombed for us. We finally got the software upgraded and the databases updated and web reports is finally working again - throwing tons of errors about a site but that’s covered in a different thread.

The issue we have now is EVERY computer is now duplicated. Repeat, we have two of every computer - once they check in after the upgrade. The old one is greyed out. We have a support case opened - but we have not actually heard from anyone yet.

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We just did the same upgrade from 8.2.1312 to 9.0.649 (as advised by support to correct another problem). After the upgrade we now have a new instance of each computer appearing in the console. I am waiting to hear back from tech support…

The console upgrade fixlet wasn’t relevant if the client was already upgraded, so relevance needed to be adjusted for that fixlet to run.

The “use Windows session credentials” console option also doesn’t work (fails to authenticate).

Other than these issues the upgrade went faily smoothly.

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we upgraded from 8.2.1310 to 9.0.649.0 yesterday. For the most part, the upgrade was a success. The only issue we experienced was that all our TEM clients registered, causing a duplicate of each client. It was easy to remove using the bescomputerremover tool, but consequently, each client lost its action history and manual group membership.

we did get the “use windows credneitals” to work, but the TEM KB article didn’t mention what the SPNs needed to be set. we found that this finally worked:

setspn -A iem/