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I see in v8 Web Reports, you have the ability to create user roles (which is great, wish the console had that). However, was the “Restrict normal user by Console Operator” functionailty removed for a reason? thanks

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Hi cstoneba,

This functionality still exists in 8.0, although it has moved to role editing/creation rather than in the user ui. To restrict a user by a Console Operator, you would create a role (Administration > User Management > Role Management > Create Role) and choose the “Restrict view by console user” radio option. Once you’ve created the new role, you’ll want to apply it to an existing user by going to the User Management ui, selecting the user, and using the “Assign roles” button.

Please note that user permissions are based on the union of all assigned roles, so if you want to limit a user’s visibility to only a single console user, you’ll want to make sure that the user only has that single role assigned to her.

Hope that helps!

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thanks Mike_ottum. So, I need to make a new role for each operator, along with the actual wr operator account? If so, that seems like quite a bit of more work.

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Yes, that is correct. We are working on ways to streamline the interface for your use case, and hopefully we will be able to make it easier in future versions.

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thanks for the response mike.

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Hey Mike

I have created a new role “PGMD Role” in v8.2.1079.0 Web Reports through

User Management >> Manage Roles >> Edit roles

and select the radio button Restrict View by console user. here i had also selected the respective Console user “PGMD”. and i assigned this Role to a new Web report user.

But when i login into web report through that new user. In Explore Data tab, under Computers Pane . it shows me a message “No Records Found”.

Any help must be appreciated