Using Stored Reports with SOAP calls

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We’ve got a couple custom reports in Web Reports that we’d like to have displayed on another web page. Currently we’re re-creating these custom reports with perl code and SOAP calls. We’d like to know if there is a way to display the content of a web report with a soap call, instead of having to redefine the relevance in both places?

Hopefully I’m making sense here! The reason we’re using SOAP calls is to allow non-authenticated users access to certain information. For example, in Web Reports we have a report that lists the Macs that have not checked in within 3 hours. We’ve also created a custom SOAP call to check for the same information through an unauthenticated http site. Instead of having to make updates to both locations, we’d like to be able to make the changes to the Web Reports site and have that reflected in the non-authenticated web page.

I’m assuming there is no way to do this, but hoping there is and it’s super simple.



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Here is one idea that might work for you.

While you cannot extract the data easily from an existing Web Report, you can probably embedded the entire Web Reports page in a iFrame.

Find the Report ID of your custom report, then construct a URL to include the some generic reporting credential.

For example, when I run a report, I see this URL:


I change it to the following and it should work to directly access your report.


You can include the Username and Password in a form post rather than URL to make it less visible. Obviously the credentials are exposed, so you will have to decide if the convenience is appropriate and security exposure feasible.

Lee Wei

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Thanks Lee Wei, this makes sense. Appreciate the thorough answer!