Using "parameter "parametername" of action" in relevance

Building off the below link from jgstew, I am trying to add an action parameter query input from a BigFix operator to use as part of the main relevance for a task. I want the relevance to look at a parameter entered upon deployment in the actionscript, to avoid changing the relevance each time it is deployed. The link below looks like it is close to what i need, but request some clarification on how to accomplish this with the relevance. To me it looks like the relevance is just looking for actions that use a parameter rather than the actual parameter entered. Am I wrong?

Along the same lines, would the below work for success relevance when deployed with an action?

not exists value “PassCodeword” whose (it = parameter “codeword” of action) of key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\BigFix\EnterpriseClient” of registries

The link you have is to session relevance, not actionscript of the relevance that may be embedded within the actionscript.

Also, whenever I see ‘WOW6432Node’ referenced alarm bells ring.

That is the 32-bit branch of the registry and the Bigfix client is 32-bit, so you can keep things simple by not using it and sticking to the 32-bit registry. That way your code will work on 64- & 32-bit clients.

Thank you for the reply. I’m assuming now that session relevance is something that can ONLY be within an actionscript, and not in any other kind of relevance statement such as fixlet/task relevance and success criteria. Is that right? Is there a way to test session relevance without running actions and waiting?

Thank you for the info. I see what it is now.

I have been thinking about my original question, and I don’t think there is any practical use for it, or any way to make it work outside of actionscript. Unless there is something i can put in success criteria similar to the above, Ill leave this topic alone.

I don’t think it’s useable for fixlet relevance, and I’m not sure I understand a use case for using it in success criteria, but it is possible.

You’d set the fixlet/task with a custom success criteria “all lines of the script execute successfully” and include your check in the actionscript -

continue if { exists value “PassCodeword” whose (it = parameter “codeword” of action) of key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BigFix\EnterpriseClient” of registries}

Note that I changed ‘not exists’ to ‘exists’, and dropped wow6432node from the registry path (it’ll check there anyway as ‘of registries’ uses the 32-bit path).

If the continue if condition evaluates to false, it returns a failure code and the ‘all lines execute successfully’ success criteria would mark the action as Failed.

Session relevance can only be used in the server contexts (so Console, WebReports, REST etc)

The clients have no knowledge of this type of relevance and only can perform client relevance in any context (fixlet relevance or actionscript)

To use session relevance there is a Presentation Debugger in the console see