Using OR in 8.0 relevance screen

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What is the best way to use a lengthy relevance, especially with OR/AND statements in the new 8.0 relevance screen?

The way the new screen breaks down relevance by specific clauses only seems to support AND statements; putting brackets in seems imposible until you actually go to deploy the task. What am I missing?

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Do you mean the relevance used in Fixlet creation?

The clauses are separated by ANDs and if you want to use ORs, then you need to build it into the same clause.


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Yes I meant in the fixlet creation screen. Thank you for clarifying for me.

Can I move this over to a Feature Request then? The new way has its advantages, but the OR part makes it cumbersome.

Please Either:

Increase the available space in the clauses larger so we can use multi-line or statements


Give us the option to use the old screen. Maybe a radio button to view it one way or the other?

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Are you trying to simply type in an arbitrary relevance statement without using the +/i interface? This can be accomplished by choosing “Computers which match the condition below”, and then selecting “Relevance Expression” in the dropdown. If you hit “Edit Relevance…”, you’ll get a text field in which you can enter arbitrary relevance.

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Perfect, thats just what I was looking for. Thank you