Using clientsettings.cfg to define group membership on install?

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We’re about to roll out TEM to a number of additional departments. We’d like to use the clientsettings.cfg file bundled with the installer to associate each client with the group for the department to which it belongs.

We’ve used Tools->Manage Properties to create a new “Department” property. It is activated Globally in the Master Action Site with the following relevance statement:

if (exists setting “Department” whose (exists value of it) of client) then value of setting “Department” of client else “None”

Here’s the content of our clientsettings.cfg:


When we run the installer with clientsettings.cfg in the same directory, the Department property does not get set on the computer.

Any idea what we’re doing wrong?

Additionally, when an operator right-clicks on a computer and selects Edit Settings, they do not see the Department property in the list of available properties to edit. Any idea how we would add a property to that list so that all operators can edit it for computers within their scope of control?

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What does your registry look like for the client settings (for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BigFix\EnterpriseClient\Settings\Client )

Can you see your setting in there?

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No, I don’t see the Department setting in that section of the registry.

Would it appear as a value directly under HLM\SOFTWARE\BigFix\EnterpriseClient\Settings\Client, or would it appear as another key?



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If your Windows clients are 64bit systems, you will need to look under the Wow6432Node branch. Remember, the BES Client is a 32bit app.

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\BigFix\EnterpriseClient\Settings\Client{setting name}

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And to answer your question, YES, it’s another key.

In my case, we use a setting “Owner” so it creates a Key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\BigFix\EnterpriseClient\Settings\Client\Owner under which there are VALUES “effective date” and “value”.

Effective Date is obviously the date that the setting was last set.

Value being the value of the setting.

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Thanks for the clarification, Tim. I can confirm that the “Department” registry key is NOT being created on client install.

Can you describe the process you went through to create the “Owner” setting in the TEM console? Was it just a matter of selecting a set of computers, right-clicking, selecting Edit Computer Settings, then using the Add button to create the setting? Or was there more to it?

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A couple thoughts… The clientsettings.cfg has to be run with the exe not not the msi version of the installer.

A couple other ways to assign department setting:

  1. Edit computer settings as you mentioned (right-click, edit computer settings)

  2. Use the following action script in a Task designed to prompt the operator for the name of the department and then they can target whatever machines they want.

action parameter query “department” with description “Please enter the Department Name” with default “”

setting “department”="{parameter “department”}" on “{parameter “action issue date” of action}” for client

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To be honest, I’m not quite sure


it got fixed, but we deleted and re-added the “Department” property via Tools > Manage Properties in the console, and then everything started working as advertised. I think it may have had something to do with the permissions of the user who originally created the property.

Anyway, thanks for the suggestions!