User Removal Failed

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Running TEM 8.2.1093 and am logged in with an LDAP MO account. When I delete a local user, I get the message:

“Failed to remove user: Unexpected server error: no start line (class PEMReadX509Failed) (error HTTP 500 in method /data/remove-user).”

Anyone know of a solution?

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Haven’t seen that one before.

What kind of LDAP server is it? (Include version number if possible.)

Can you perform other actions with the LDAP server?

Can you delete a non-Master Operator account?

Will it work with SSL turned off?

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LDAP is running on Win2003. LDAP roles are working great, I got the same message when trying to delete a local MO account (however the user is no longer in the list of Operators after the error).

Note: this in the TEM console, not WebReports.

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I just wanted to bump this thread.

I am getting a very similar error except the error reads ‘HTTP: Error 28: Timeout was reached (error HTTP 500 in method /data/stop-actions)’ when I try to stop an action. I recently migrated to a new server on a newer version of of Windows Server (Windows Server 2003 - Windows Server 2008 R2). Is there a setting somewhere that can be adjusted? Maybe it has something to do with DNS since the name of the server was changed?