Use of Overide tag in action script

I have this article from hcltechsw regarding override.

I have a fixlet to create where i want to wait for the particular wait command to get finished and then move to the next step. So what i am trying to do is using override wait and completion=job and in wait command i use my execution that means it will wait until my wait command job will not execute.
Is the above understanding correct?

Can i have multpile override wait under the same action script, i have a requirement where i want to run multiple commands and i dont want to go to next command if my previous command not completed in the backend. So is it possible using multiple override wait in the same action script?


Yes you can use multiple overrides if you need to.

In the use case you mention, if you don’t need any of the override things, and just need it to wait you should be able to just use wait without all the other override context.


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The override command only affects the NEXT command so if you have override then wait wait wait only the first wait is affected