USB Device Detection analysis not finding Sagem finger print reader

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We are running BES 8.1.551.0. We have enabled the standard USB Device Detection analysis to all workstations in our environment and the analysis is not picking up the Sagem USB finger print reader that is connected to most PC’s in our environment. So as a test we ran the WMI explorer and looked at the data coming back from WMI for the USB devices and the Sagem reader appears in WMI.

I’m not an expert on writing analysis but it seems to me that if I follow the logic in the USB device detection analysis that it is bringing back the wrong information on my Windows XP SP3 machines.

Can anyone else that is running the USB detection analysis confirm if they are also getting the wrong info back?

Or can someone point me in the right direction with creating a custom analysis to detect a particular USB device type.

Thank you