Uptime of operating system shows <error> after upgrade of clients to

I have upgraded Bigfix server/console/Clients to, except for a few Win2003 Clients which still are at
All the upgraded Clients are now showing “error” for “Uptime of operating system” instead of the actual date/time in the Bigfix console/Computers. It is still working for the old Clients.

Any suggestions on how to fix?

Are you viewing the results of the “Uptime - Windows” property which is found in the “Operating System Information (Windows)” analysis in the “BES Inventory and Licensing” site which has the following relevance of?:

(if it = 1 then it as string & " day" else it as string & " days") of ((uptime of operating system) / day)

Or are you referring to a different uptime property within a different analysis and site and with a different relevance query?

I see the same in that view that You mention. All Computers show “error” under the “Uptime of operating system” Tab. I am not using the “Uptime - Windows” since this is not always showing if the server has been restarted or not.