UploadManagerData Cleanup does not Appear to be Working

I am getting the warning that the Upload Manager Directory is Full. I have a large number of directories in the UploadManagerData folder that have not been modified since 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. The current setting for _BESRelay_UploadManager_CleanupHours is 120. Since I have so many old folders, I wonder if the cleanup is working? Is it safe delete any folder that is over a year old?

Is this on the Root Server, or a Relay?

Note that files are not automatically removed from the Root Server’s Upload Manager directory.

It is a root server. I have been told by L2 that files are automatically removed from the root server. Although, the evidence indicates that files are not removed. Do you do manual cleanup of the uploadmanagerdata directory on the root server? If so, what criteria do you use.

There are two APARs opened in this context ( problems were found in the last patches of 9.2 and 9.5 … )

IV89719 - to fix problems with BufferDirectoryMaxSize and BufferDirectoryMaxCount settings

IV91535 - to add a cleanup mechanism based on BES Computer Remover approach

We don’t think to modify the behavior for CleanupHours setting instead, because it works based on a ‘delete older than’ approach cannot be used in this context, because only the ‘agent’ ( application, other ) have generated the file can decide it can be deleted or not, independently it is old or new. So this setting will continue to handle temporary files cannot be uploaded only as from its definition at ->