Uploading Windows 10 Image

I’m hoping this is something simple obvious that I’m missing.

I’m trying to upload a windows 10 installation iso (64-bit enterprise 1903) and every time the console will run through the steps of inspecting and then eventually return to the Import Image dialog with the “Browse” and “Analyze” buttons grayed out. At that point I can click cancel, but there’s no other error that is displayed.

Any hints as to what might be going wrong or where I could find out what’s happening?


Does it display a message that the file is being uploaded in the background? I’m having trouble recalling but I think the dialog stays there so you can analyze/upload a second image, and if you close it you can see a green arrow on the Image Library dashboard showing the upload is in progress (and you can leave the wizard, as long as you keep the console open the upload continues)

It does not. When you exit out (using Cancel which is the only option) the image is not listed in the Image library, so I assume it is not.

Most recently this seems to be occurring before it displays the versions of windows available in the image dialog, but I’ve had the same symptoms occur after that dialog as well.

I haven’t seen that issue before, but you might get something useful from the logs under your user profile, i.e. C:\Users\Administrator\OSDeployment

do you receive any alert saying something like “the script is taking too long… do you want to stop it?”… If yes, you have to click on “No” (possibly soon) to continue the import process.
If you are importing from a mapped disk, you can try to copy the file locally to the console computer.

It looks like this was a resource issue on the machine running the console. I allocated more resources (RAM in this case) and the process proceeded into the stage where it shows up in the library as uploading.

Earlier it would display the “the script is taking too long” messages, typically twice, before reaching the state described above. I would always click “no” but it appears that the console was canceling the process anyways for some reason without notification.

I have seen where the rbagent needs to be uploaded. In your windows user profile you should have a osdeployment folder. Clear the contents of that folder and force the rbagent to download again. See if that fixes it and you can upload after that