Upload error 56

(imported topic written by JanStraarup)

Hey Everyone

I have a customer with a big problem, it seems random and we have a hard time tracking the problem.

We have the installation split so the server is placed in one domain and the relays in another, all clients are so far all in the same domain as the relays.

All consoles are also in the same domain as the relays.

When trying to make a software packed using windows software distribution wizard an error 56 will show up after some time, sometimes within 2 second sometimes after a minute.

The funny thing is that a packed that will fail on one console might work on a different one. Sometimes it is small files that fail (10MB) other times 500+ MB packets.

It seems to be one person/computer that has the problem mostly.

Regards Jan

ps. here is a small video that shows the problem.