Upload Client Log to BigFix Server

Is there a way of requesting a client endpoint to upload it’s client log to the BigFix server? There are some servers in our environment that we will not have access to.



You can leverage the upload manager to do this. The only gotcha is that the next time an upload happens from that computer the directory is emptied. So you may have to create content on the server to move it. You can also leverage right click content in the console to explore a shared upload manager directory on the server.

Look for the task “TROUBLESHOOTING: Run BES Client Diagnostics” in the BES Support site. This gathers the logs (and other diagnostics information), zips them up, and uploads it to the server through the BigFix infrastructure.


@steve I do remember we had a dedicated fixlet just for the logs? was that removed for a reason and the diagnostics came into picture?

Diagnostics has been the only way to upload client logs from Windows for as long as I’ve been around. We do have other tasks for uploading logs for other components (relays, CDT, etc), and may have had one for non-Windows clients before we created the Diagnostics fixlet for those platforms.

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