Upgrade win 10 pro 1909 to latest


I have a pc which the OS build is 18363.1556, i wish to upgrade it to the latest version, but i dont see any fixlet that is avalable for OS upgrade, can please assist?

Hi, what i meant was no fixlet was applicable for the mention computer for the OS upgrade.

Look for one of the “Windows 10 Business Editions Version X Available” fixlets in Patches for Windows

edit: These fixlets do require manually caching the ISO image download, which should be available from your Windows 10 VLSC or MSDN download pages.


Thanks for the reply, i saw in another post which was last year replied by bradsexton that we are able to do it using the systems lifecycle but i dont see the manage images and drivers option. haha, any advise on this?

Ah, ok. OS Deployment is a rather large topic in itself. The documentation to get started is at https://help.hcltechsw.com/bigfix/10.0/lifecycle/Lifecycle/OSD_Users_Guide/c_osdug_intro.html

You’ll need to enable & subscribe the “OS Deployment and Bare Metal Imaging” site to get started. From there, most of the management and tasks are driven through the Dashboards in the site.