Upgrade to 9.2.5 Login Problem

Hi, In BFI, I ran the fixlet to action the new upgrade to 9.2.5 but upon login, get the following error:


Check tema.log for errors

Got a few of these in tema.log:

Have you tried to restart the service?

yes, that did not work either

can you send me entire tema.log file michal.paluch(at)pl.ibm.com

Sure, I can do that to see if you find anything that might indicate what happened. I eventually just uninstalled BFI, deleted the test temadb and started the install process over. I am able to log in now, but am curious as to what caused the issue. Thanks!

Most likely some sort of database connection configuration problem, cured by a re-install. Michal, if you can for sure link the TEMA.log error to a definitive reason, please post back. Thanks.

I need to take a look into tema.log to have a chance to uinderstand what might have caused it, if I find something, I will post it here.

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Thank you for the help, Michal. Should this ever occur again, I will try this solution. I appreciate you looking into it.