Upgrade to 9.0 via TEM

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Are tasks going to be released in BES Support to upgrade to version 9.0?

TEM has been re-rebranded to IEM??

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Yes, I believe the fixlets were made available today. Yes, TEM in v9 is now called IBM Endpoint Manager.


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I am running 8.2.1312 on my server and consoles currently and would like to upgrade to 9.0.586, and I have the fixlet available. However, it is only showing the BES server itself as eligible to be upgraded. It was my understanding that the server and consoles needed to be upgraded at the same time. Why are my consoles not showing as eligible for the 9.0.586 upgrade? Do I need to upgrade the server first, and then push down new consoles to the PC’s my operators use?

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your main TEM server that is also running the console is relevant for the fixlet to upgrade to 9.0.586, however the fixlets to upgrade standalone TEM consoles has a relevancy requirement of :

version of registration server = “9.0.586.0”

meaning you can only upgrade your standalone consoles once your main TEM is upgraded to 9.0.586.