Upgrade IBM tivoli end point manager from 8.2 to 9.0

Hello There,

Please guide me to upgrade TEM 8.2 to 9.0
We have one BES primary server and 3 Relay server …and it has 3000 end point server

same DR infrastrcture for Backup site.

We are palling to upgrade from 8.2 to 9.0. Need proper plan to upgrade.

The process I follow is usually this …

Download the Installers.
Backup your database and masthead (just in case)
I usually extend the DSA replication period to several hours to prevent the databases attempting to replicate while one is being upgraded.
Upgrade your DSA backup server first, in case things don’t go well.
The Server installer asks about uninstalling the current server, let it do this. Your settings and configurations will remain intact.
Once the Backup server is upgraded, upgrade the main server.
Reset the DSA replication if you extended it.
Give the upgraded databases a chance to replicate.
Upgrade the Console on your Main server (or your workstation).
Push the upgraded Relay installer.
Let the Relays upgrade and report back their status.
Push the upgraded Consoles out to all your Console Operators.
Push the upgraded Clients to your endpoints.


Thank you Tim for your quick reply.
Your info was greate help.
I would prepare proper plan with help of this and will present to client.
I have heard that there are bugs in 9.2 upgrade.
is that true?
if yes what bugs are specified and is IBM going patch them in next version or this version.

Thanks and regards

Someone else will need to address your v9.2 upgrade bug question, I’m only on v9.0 at this point, but I can’t imagine IBM leaving bugs unaddressed for very long since it would result in added support effort for them.