Upgrade from 9.2.17 to latest 10.0.16

Hey guys,

Im trying to figure out the path on upgrading Bigfix inventory from 9.2.17 to the latest release.

ive looked through the release information but cant really figure out if theres anything particular i need to do other than running the ID: 1 task Install upgrade scanner (10.0.16) is it that simple?

Our Bigfix environment is on

The Inventory stuff was never taken care of and has fallen way behind in updates and support. I want to clean this up just dont know where to begin. Any info is greatly appreciated.

Be aware that you will need to plan for a multi-stage upgrade process. You will first upgrade to interim version 10.0.2, then to interim version 10.0.10, and finally to the latest version 10.0.16.

The challenge is that you are way behind, and you can only upgrade in increments of 8 versions at a time. Don’t wait too long, or you may find you need a third interim upgrade.

So this brings to my mind the question of how important is the current data in your current BFI installation. Should you instead install brand new? It may be worth considering.

See the documentation here: Upgrading to BigFix Inventory v10

To upgrade to an interim version:

  1. Create a backup of the server. See Backing up the server.
  2. Update the fixlet site. See Updating the fixlet site.
  3. Upgrade BigFix Inventory using Upgrade to the interim version of BigFix Inventory or Upgrade to the interim version of BigFix Inventory fixlet. Select a fixlet with the lowest version which is newer than currently installed BigFix Inventory. The fixlet description includes links that allow you to manually download BigFix Inventory.
  4. Migrate the database schema. See Updating the server database schema
  5. In case the schema migration fails, restore the server. See Restoring the server after a failed upgrade.

6.Result:* The BigFix Inventory server is upgraded to interim version. To upgrade the server to the latest version, perform the steps mentioned in the Upgrade to the latest version section.

Note: Run data import post upgrading the server.


Thank you very much. This is exactly what I was looking for.

The data isn’t super import to be honest if we had to tear it down and start over, I’d hate to do it, but wouldn’t be that big of an issue for us.

I will try the interim steps and see how we fair. Much appreciated.

I’m glad I could help. Remember to get backups of the server and the database at every stage.