Upgrade 8.2.x > 9.0.787 - endpoints duplicate

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I’ve done several upgrades from 8.2.x to 9.x and have never seen this…

After manual upgrade of the server (single server - remote database), the database upgrade ran fine… upgraded the local console and log in…

As systems check in, they are coming in as duplicates. Checking the logs of a few, I see:

Response: Invalid Sequence Number

RegisterOnce: Server requests invalidation of my computer id.

Computer id changed, starting client reset

Has anyone ever seen this? I can just let things settle then remove the duplicates, but then I lose history on all of those endpoints.

Is there any way to get a client to revert to it’d old ID?

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I’m afraid your not the only one that has seen this issue. I’ve had this problem in multiple upgrades from 8 > 9. Here are a couple of links to other threads where people have reported this problem:



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Thanks, Matt. Ever since IBM messed with the DeveloperWorks and Wiki sites I can’t find a damn thing using search engines…

Luckily All of the relays and endpoints checked in as new and eventually actionsite messages caught up. ComputerRemover.exe is cleaning my dups, but losing all history which sucks.

Whats odd is that message in the logs that the server requests invalidation of my computer id… Wish there was a fixlet to revert the computers to previous id and let them check in, then delete the NEW duplicates.

Anyway… looks like I’m just going to have to live with my lost history at this point.

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That’s basically what I had to do as well. You will also lose any manual computer group memberships you had, this caused major problems for me since I had groups setup to omit patching of certain baselines (a lot of things were patched that shouldn’t have been).

It’s unfortunate that this still hasn’t been corrected, or even added to the known issues list.

I also agree that it is much harder to find things in the forums now…