Updating HKCU registry value

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I need to create a fixlet that updates a portion of a registry key value.

The value of the HKCU key needs to be updated from name@emailaddress.com to name@emailaddress_addition.com

I understand the main mechanism to change they key but I need to validate how to read the “name” value and add the new emailaddress.com value.

Any ideas?


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this is a great use case for the registry wizard, it should be able to do exactly what you want if you check the run as currently logged-in user box and select Edit a string. Be aware that this will generate load on your Active Directory, you should use the ‘run over time’ options in the Take Action Dialog to spread this action out so you don’t have everything asking AD for information at the same time.


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I am not clear on how to preserve the “name” portion of the value "name@emailaddress.com" if npossible at all. The value is an expandable string.

If I create the fixlet it takes me to the section to select the appropriate value type and enter the value…

When running the action script it results in the entire value being overwritten with the new value @emailaddress_additition.com. I lose the username.

Any thoughts?