Update windows client 9.5.13failing

We are upgrading some outdated Bigfix agent using the out of the box fixlet to version 9.5.13 but it is failing with exit code 1622. I tried running locally and get error below on the screenshot.

Please try rebooting the machine in question and then running the BES installer again. If the issue persists, I’d recommend running the BESRemover utility on this effected systems. However, this will require replacement of the actionsite.afxm/masthead.afxm on the endpoint prior to execution of the BES installer.

Hi cmcannady,

There are 400+affected endpoints, Is there an automated way of using BESRemover? Thanks

Unfortunately, no the BESRemover is not itself designed for direct automation. That’s not to say that you cannot utilize remote WMI calls to execute the BESRemover, but that would be custom and not directly supported.

Have you tried using the BESClient restart fixlet content from the BES Support external site before running the BESClient update fixlet content? You original error could be due to the BESClient PID being locked and a service restart can help.

If none of the above works for your specific situation, I’d recommend opening a support case with our L2 team.

I have tried BESclient reset but get the same error. I will create a support ticket. Thank you.

Were you able to install any software on this machine or any machine, based on the screen shot its more like OS issue.

I am not remembering exact error but it was similar kind of, someone contacted us they are facing issue while installing BESClient & after multiple troubleshooting when I asked him to just try any software installation it ended up as OS issue.