Update to superseded patcheds in CentOS8

Hello everybody,

Does anyone know if there was an update to the behavior of superseded patches in the Patched for CentOS 8 external site? (or possibly other patch sites) It looks like the second part of the relevance that usually contained the variable that controlled if superseded patches were shown has been replaced with False. This is changing a lot of my patching report info and I can’t see any announcement for the change anywhere?


It looks like an error, not a new policy.

Relevance 2 for (my quick sample of) recently superseded Windows patches is
(value of setting "_BESClient_WindowsOS_EnableSupersededEval" of client as integer = 1) | false


Yeah my Windows patches looks OK too, but all CentOS8 superseded ones have ‘False’ , and the equivalent superseded RHEL 8 patches don’t have any reference to ‘EnableSupersededEval’. Guess I’ll open a case and see what’s going on,

Thanks trn


Expected behavior apparently

“CentOS 8 has a different supersedence approach compared to CentOS 6 and CentOS 7. Relevance for superseded fixlets is set to false: False.”