Update for Windows Autorun functionality - infinite loop

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I’m having an issue with the released fixlet for this. I keep applying it to our newly built Windows Server 2008 32-bit Enterprise machine. It applies fine according to BigFix and BigFix says that the machine is pending a restart. So, I go ahead and restart the machine and BigFix will say that the machine needs this patch (again). It just goes in an infinite loop! No matter how many times I apply it and restart the machine, it keeps needing this patch.

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There was just a fix posted for this on BES Admin:

BigFix has modified content in the Patches for Windows (English) / Enterprise Security site. The following Fixlet message has been modified to verify the patched file versions:

ID: 97102907 971029: Update for Windows Autorun Functionality - Windows Server 2008 Gold/SP2

I think that should fix your problem. Let us know if you’re still having problems!

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Thank you! The problem has disappeared and everything looks good again.