Update enrollment answers

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Hi all,

Is it possible to update the answers that a user has provided to enrolment questions? For example if mistake is made or an answer has changed.



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Hey Michael,

There isn’t an easy way to update the enrollment answers at the moment (although I believe they can unenroll and re-enroll).

This is something on our list for a later release (but, unfortunately, I don’t have a release date for you).


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Thanks for the feedback Ben.

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I’ve discovered I can send iOS devices a reauthenticate command that won’t remove or un-enroll MDM from their devices, but prompts them to re-enter their credentials and answer the enrollment questions again (very useful for devices connected to a restricted WiFi network whose profile was provided by MDM). But the use of this method still depends on the user.

Although it may not be “easy”, is there some way to change these enrollment answers?

Is there somewhere in the infrastructure side (perhaps a file or database) that these changes can be made that would then reflect back in the console?

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Hi Ivan,

The answers are stored in the embedded database on the management extender (or on the device itself for Android). If you unenroll and reenroll, you can reanswer the questions but there isn’t any good way to change them directly…

We toyed with an idea of allowing client settings to override the answers… We can look to add that for a future release… In the meantime, you can try to replicate this behavior by making a custom property that will return the enrollment questions OR some client setting overrides (which you can set manually).

Let me know if you want more info about how you might do the custom workaround I mentioned.