Unsupported Operating Systems

As we all know by now, on January 14, 2020, Microsoft officially has stopped supporting all editions of Windows 7, Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2. I went into my BigFix Console this morning expecting to see either updated Microsoft Unsupported fixlets or possibly new ones. To my surprise, the only Windows 7 unsupported fixlet was for WIndows 7 Gold and the same for Windows 2008/2008 R2.

BigFix Dev’s or whomever is responsible to the Microsoft Unsupported fixlets, when should we expect these fixlets to represent the change that happened on January 14, 2020?

I am trying to create a report for executives and managers to show which operating systems in their environments are no longer supported by Microsoft utilizing these fixlets. However, at this point, my report would be inaccurate.

Has anyone else received updated fixlets and I am just not seeing them? I have verified that I am at the latest gather version for Patches for Windows, at this time is 3450.


Technically speaking, Win7 was patched this month so it could be patch Tuesday for Feb where its deemed as unsupported. Whether HCL update fixlets that tag it as an unsupported OS may depend on other factors that may impact their customer base such as what about customers that paid both MS and HCL to still provide content for Win7. For those customers, Win7/Win2008 is still supported :wink:

As an alternate approach you could pull a report for any OS that contains Win7 or Win2008 via Web Reports?

Or create a property that reports True for any OS you want to be seen as unsupported then you can control that by adding OS’s to the relevance in line with your own use case requirements.


Thanks for the feedback. I do understand that I can collateral this information myself and create the reports accordingly, I was just wondering if anyone, ie. the BigFix Dev Team, had any insight into the process. My goal is to have an automatically updating report with this information and I thought the “Unsupported” Fixlets in BigFix would be a perfect source for this.

Thanks again.

While systems may still be “supported” for those who have paid MS for extended update support, the Patches for Windows site is meant to cover systems under the normal support cycle.

As such, the team does plan to update the existing unsupported fixlets for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008, likely some time this week.

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