Unmanaged Assets not displaying in Console

Unmanaged assets are not getting displayed in BF Console.
Everytime after the nmap scan, i have to goto Asset discovery folder and manually run the NMAPimporter.exe to get the unmanaged assets displayed in console.

I see the NMAP service running in the services.msc. What might be the problem?
Please help me in fixing it.

Thanks in advance

I don’t run Asset Discovery but is there a log with the importer that could be showing errors? I also assume the user name running the service has the permission to write to the database?


Thanks for your inputs.
It runs through the local system account and i tried changing it to a different service account which has privileges to the DB server too. But if it doesn’t have the proper permissions.
It should fail while i do the manual import by running the NMAP Importer.

I’m confused and not sure why it is not bringing the unmanaged asset information automatically.

How about the log file I asked about?

No log files for the NMAPAsset Importer or is there any other log files which i should look for?

I don’t know of any. If you run the service executable in CMD, is there an error? Obviously you want to run it as your service account.