Unmanaged Asset not Uploading any Endpoints

Dear sir
Please can any one kindly help me with is problem
i am using Bigfix since 4/5 months and now i am trying to get all the unmanaged asset to be uploaded on console but nothing come up.

please help!!

Welcome to the BigFix Community!

Have you followed along the Asset Discovery user guide at Using Asset Discovery ? Can you tell us which steps are configured/completed and where you may be having an issue?


Dear Jason
i have followed all the step and it seems nmap is scanning all the Endpoints and also all the necessary uploads but nothing pops up on the console

I was about to write up some troubleshooting steps but then I found we already have an article with them. Step through Troubleshooting Asset Discovery - Customer Support , especially the part about logging, and see whether that helps.

One more thing I’d add, it’s very likely you’ll need to use Task 21 from the ‘BES Asset Discovery’ site to change th eNmap Asset Discovery Server Settings. When prompted, enter ‘0’ to include BES Clients. This will cause all of your discovered systems that do have BES Clients installed to also show up in Unmanaged Assets, but the discovery method that Nmap uses to test whether BESClient is installed does not work on newer operating systems & devices (so in many cases even when no client is installed, NMap may think there is one and the machine is skipped for UA import.)

dear Jason
well if nmap cant detect all those unmanaged asset then how wwill i understand how many endpoints i have without AGENT Installed?

The Unmanaged Agent does have a field for ‘likely BES Client’ that shows what client the importer thinks might be tied to the asset (I believe they are correlated based on discovered IP address). But yes there is some manual effort involved in verifying them.

actually nmap is showing me all the clinsts which has AGENT Installed but not uploading them on console even though i change server setting value to 0

And what results do you see in the debug log or the SQL queries mentioned in the article I linked?

the log is present perfectly and upload manager is working fine it also detected 3 unmanaged asset right now but not a single managed asset populated in the console