Unix client not appearing in BigFix console

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facing some weird problem with BigFix, on few Unix systems BigFix client is already installed but they are not appearing in console either wit their name or IP, I can see their IP’s in unmanaged assets. What could be the issue?

Vesion of BigFix - 7.2



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You should start the debugging by looking at the client log files located at /var/opt/BESClient/__BESData/__Global/Logs.


For the Client to communicate upstream, TCP port for BigFix communication (defaults to 52311) must be opened.

One easy way to test is to run command:

telnet bigfix_server 52311

and see if the UNIX client can reach the BigFix Server.

Lee Wei

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Thanks, i identified the issue. I copied the actionsite.afxm from working computers to problamatic servers and then restarted the client services and then servers appeared in console.


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I am looking for bigFix client which can support windows 2008 R2 std edition 64 bit version, we have 7.2 as enterprise server version. We tried installing but it did not started i guess its not compatible win2k8 64 bit, and with 8.0.584.0 i get error as “this bigfix enterprise client could not find valid mashead file,pls make sure file exist”, this is may be due to lower server version i.e. 7.2.