Uninstall Fireeyes

Hi ,

Please help me how to Uninstall Fireeyes from bigfix via task or fixtel

I’m afraid you’ll need to try & improve your question a bit.

What command line would one use to uninstall Fire-Eye? What values are in the Uninstall key in the Registry? For that matter, is this even on Windows, or Linux or Mac or something else?

If it’s on Linux or Mac, what are the package manager names for it?

I think we have a great community here and we’ll try to help. There are repeatable patterns for “Uninstall Software” that are reusable and you can search for those here, but you’ll need to help out with the question details and put at least as much effort into the question as you expect someone else to put into an answer.

I am using windows server OS

Have you tried looking at BigFix,me?

A quick Google search for “bigfix uninstall fireeyes” brought up https://bigfix.me/fixlet/details/26663

Check and see if that provides what you need.

Hi @dali1521,

You are most likely looking for the FireEye Agent (which most likely is the 32-bit version):

waithidden {(pathname of system folder) & "\msiexec.exe /x" & ((name of key whose (value "DisplayName" of it as string starts with "FireEye" and value "DisplayName" of it as string ends with "Agent") of key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall" of x32 registry) as string) & " /qn /norestart"}