Uncaught exception in plugin ClientRegister

JUst poking around on the root and found this error:

Mon, 29 Jan 2018 02:28:41 -0500 - /cgi-bin/bfenterprise/ClientRegister.exe (3723749120) - Uncaught exception in plugin ClientRegister with client 15NumeralTooLarge

I’m seeing that about 6-9 times a day in the BesRelay.log. Doesn’t seem to be causing any issues but I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a symptom of something bigger.

Looks like an invalid registration request coming from the local client (or some other process on the server?). Check the client log for a corresponding failing request and post the details so we can see what is out of bounds.

So would it be coming from the client on the root, or from another client? The closest thing I see with errors on the root is:
At 05:25:27 -0500 -
[ThreadTime:05:25:27] Starting upload of file ‘7033c1c354761637e405d3fc695a931eb48d3fd8’ of size 62940533
[ThreadTime:05:25:27] Error uploading file ‘7033c1c354761637e405d3fc695a931eb48d3fd8’, moving to next file in 30 second(s)
At 05:25:59 -0500 -
[ThreadTime:05:25:58] Starting upload of file ‘aa62d6999b98b5eed2cd4cd1ef98982bd17217cf’ of size 52085395
[ThreadTime:05:25:58] Error uploading file ‘aa62d6999b98b5eed2cd4cd1ef98982bd17217cf’, moving to next file in 30 second(s)

…over and over and over. That’s something else I may need to look into. :confused:

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Did you ever find a resolution to this? I am seeing something similar as well.

Actually we are working on the issue right now. Seems to be related to inventory not uploading properly but not sure yet. We have an open pmr today. @zachw is working that ticket on my team.

The ‘Error uploading file’ is an issue related to the upload manger and in general is because a wrong configuration of the following settings on the parent relay


Info about this setting can be found here

This is not related to the error NumeralTooLarge visible on the server during an agent registration … maybe for this exception better open a case/PMR, I presume the support team could be interested to check why this problem is occurring.

For our current situation, ours was rooted in the following setting:


Relatively recently, we vastly increased the number of endpoints we are scanning with BFI. We’ve gotten past that hurdle, but are now bumping our heads on a new error :slight_smile: