Unable to view Hidden Actions

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Our Deployment Health Check Wizard states that we have to many open hidden actions. I’ve performed a cleanup on hidden actions in version 7 by enabling the following reg key.

HKCU\Software\BigFix\Enterprise Console\Settings\ShowAllActions


= 1

However when I enable this key on a 8.0 console I can’t seem to see any hidden actions. I’ve tried clearing my console cache as well with out luck. Am I doing something wrong or is an additional step needed to see these actions in 8.0?

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Yea… This is a known issue: http://support.bigfix.com/cgi-bin/kbdirect.pl?id=1688

The debug key was accidentally broken because of the way the domain tree works when you click on “All Actions”… One thing you can do to work-around this in the short-term is to:

  • Select all computers
  • Right-click “View as group”
  • Look at the “Action History” tab in this view and you should see the hidden actions

This is considered bug #37944.


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That did the trick. Do you know if this was resolved in the new version that was just released?

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I do not believe it was resolved in 8.1… but I will need to double-check…


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I’ve tried this procedure but I am unable to see my hidden actions. I fear I am just overlooking something and would appreciate a little guidance if possible.

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You have the registry key in place correct?

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That Reg key was not there. Does it have to be just turned on, or created all toghether?

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murtasma, you were right, needed the reg file added, not changed.

So, all these hidden action I can now see, How do I know if I can remove them? Most show changes to groups, but the action never completed. Can I safely remove these? I know it is vauge information.

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I generally remove all add/remove related actions for manual groups after about 1 - 2 months. It really depends on your envrioment and how many operators you have. In our envrioment we have over 250 console operators and 40+ sites so I have to be somewhat agressive with my cleanup because actions pile up quickly in our deployment.

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Most show changes to groups, but the action never completed. I generally remove all add/remove related actions for manual groups after about 3-4 months. It really depends on your envrioment

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Good Morning,

(First of all I’m sorry for my english)

I’m pretty new to BigFix and in my Company we have the same problem with to many open hidden actions.

I tried to delete them with the registry-key but I can’t see the hidden actions.

Also tried the trick with selecting all computers and view them as a group.

This doesn’t seem to be working, too.

We have over 1900 open hidden actions and really need to delete some of them.

Before I try the BESAuditTrailCleaner I want to solve this problem with the trips described above.

I hope someone can help me with this problem.

King Regards,


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I have applied the reg. entry and I’m still unable to view hidden actions. The action history tab shows 47 actions total for 3000 machines. The Health check shows 780 hidden actions. How can I view and remove old hidden actions? Console version 8.1.617.0