Unable to uninstall HPVO tool via script

Unable to uninstall HPVO tool via script
we used below script
waithidden cmd.exe /C cscript /nologo “C:\temp\Software_HP_Operations_Agent_v11.14 - WinOnly\oainstall.vbs”

Manually we are able to remove

Please provide your inputs on this issue

Your screenshot had more command-line parameters on it ( -remove -agent -clean).

To pass those through the CMD interpreter you need to quote the whole command.


waithidden cmd.exe /C "cscript //nologo "C:\temp\Software_HP_Operations_Agent_v11.14 - WinOnly\oainstall.vbs" -remove -agent -clean"

Edit: cscript.exe also requires two forward slashes on //nologo, I believe.

Edit 2: note that this odd handling of quoting is specific to CMD.exe and not a general way of handling quotes for other executables.


Hi Jason,
Thank you for your inputs, we tried above script its working fine on Windows machines except Win 2003.
Could you please let me know how we can execute Win 2003 as well.
do we need to modify script if yes please provide me the modified script.

Thanks & Regards,
Yadagiri Kanarla

Does the vbscript itself work on Win2003?
If I recall, the script/wscript interpreter itself may have been optional on 2003?