Unable to see anything in the Manage Download plug-ins

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Want to configure SuSe Linux Patching , so activated Manage Download Plug-ins , but unable to see anything into that windows after activating the service?

Screen dump attached…

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Can someone please reply on this thread??

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hi mail4vijay,

I didn’t see any IEM servers in the dashboard, could you verify if there are any IEM servers subscribed in Patching Support site?

You can verify it in Sites > External Sites > Patching Support > Subscribed Computers.

I’m asking because the dashboard belongs to that site. Thanks!

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Hi Vijay,

Have you enabled analysis “Encryption Anslysis for Clients” under BES Support site and analysis “Download Plug-in Versions” under Patching Support site?

They are prerequisite for Manage Download Plug-ins Dashboard

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I checked that subscription of the Download & some patching sites was not enable by default for All computers and i have update it , and resolved the issue.

Do you happen to remember which sites required the missing subscriptions? I did not have “All Computers” subscribed to Patching Support. I am hoping that was the issue. I only have AIX systems subscript to AIX patching and Linux Red Hat subscribed to the Linux sites.

The answer for me was that I did not have “All Computers” subscribed to “Patching Support”.

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