Unable to prefetch BFarchived .tmp file


We have a custom software repository setup in our environment that works well with prefetching .txt and .exe files within a begin prefetch block or by just using the prefetch command. I archived a folder using BFarchive and named it ActivClient.tmp and placed this file in our software repository. When I try to prefetch it within a prefetch block or with the nohash prefetch command, I get the error below:

Download error: "Unexpected HTTP response: 404 Not Found"
Download requested on server:
URL: https://bfrepo/ActivClient/ActivClient_720155.tmp
Hash: (sha1)a58e5f450a7ff7c083984aa476a8f87752bf7764
Next retry: 4 minutes. Retry now

When I change the extension of the file from .tmp to .zip, then it prefetches and downloads the zipped folder successfully. Are there restrictions on downloading any file that has .tmp extension? If not, how do i prefetch files that were archived using BFarchive that has a .tmp extension using the prefetch command?

add prefetch item name=ActivClient_720155.tmp sha1=a58e5f450a7ff7c083984aa476a8f87752bf7764 size=129431174 url=https://bfrepo/ActivClient/ActivClient_720155.tmp sha256=c33e516a85348b4783aaac05b6f2e5a50585a10396be6aa45d86a5470b7f1e2c

No restriction on the filename, but the file does need to exist on the server.

Ok, it is on the repository server. So, not sure why it won’t download the file with .tmp extension. Is the extension of a BFarchive file .tmp or something else?

I don’t know that there’s a fixed extension, but by convention we often use tye “.bfa” extension.

The 404 Not Found is a response coming from your web server hosting the file; it may be that whatever web service that is, is configured to not allow downloads of .tmp files. I guess that coukd be a reasonable security measue in some environments in case you had some CGI script on a site that was generating .tmp files.

You could always try downloading the file ina browser first to diagnose any limitations on the repository website.

You may want to test the URL “https://bfrepo/ActivClient/ActivClient_720155.tmp” from a browser from the Bigfix server machine to help debug the HTTP 404 problem.

It could be the network or a proxy is blocking the download of that .tmp files, or the web server itself(software repository).

I had to go into IIS and under MIME Types allow .tmp extensions to be downloaded. After that, it started to work. Thanks guys.

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