Unable to launch TRC session

I have implemented BigFix in several machines in order to acces them remotely from the Lite Web Portal using a conection code.
The issue comes when I try to run the RCLiteController. Whenever I try to open it, I get a blank or black java window and the session never opens.
I have tried in four machines and only one seems to work properly.

The process I follow is:

  • Install Java Version 8 Update 301
  • Log into the Lite Web Portal
  • Press Start Broker Session
  • Download the RCLiteController.trcjws
  • I specify to execute it using java

This process usually works, but other times it just doesn’t work and the machine either does nothing or just get a quick java window that opens and closes immediatly.

Does anyone has any idea what might be causing this issue to happen so randomly or if I’m doing something wrong?
Thank you.

Hi @CKojima,
do you have the controller installed in the system from which you want to establish the session ?
Prerequisite for using the Lite Web Portal portal is to install the controller as reported in the documentation. Here’s the link:

If you have already installed the controller in your machine there may be a configuration problem between the file downloaded from the portal and the controller. In this case you can use the fixlet “406 Reset Remote Control Controller file association” to fix it.

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Hi @m.santangeli,
Thanks a lot for the quick response.
We do have the controller already installed.What kind of configuration problem could be the cause of this issue.

We are evaluating the use of the fixlet in the machines. Hopefully this will fix the issue. Will get back to you asap.