Unable to connect to WebReports database after Verison 8.0 Upgrade

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I had to manually upgrade our Production WebReports server to version 8.0 today since it lives on a different machine from our main BigFix server. I had to remove the old Web Report server and install the new version. After mucking around with ourSSL cert I finally got version 8 responding over https.

Now it appears like we have a database issue. The connection string remains the same, we still want to connect to the same exteral sql cluster. I can test the ODBC connnection just fine but when I attemp to enable this database in WebReports I get the following error.

"There is a problem with the connection between Web Reports and one or more databases. Web Reports will continue attempting to connection until the connection succeeds, but in the meantime data will be unavailable.

I enabled logging on web reports and the most intresting tid bit of information

Mon, 18 Oct 2010 16:26:30 -0400 – 3828 –


SQL Native Client

SQL Server

Invalid column name ‘Version’. (S0022:207)

Mon, 18 Oct 2010 16:26:30 -0400 – 3828 – Error attempting to connect to database ‘maisappsprod.mpathways.dsc.umich.edu’. Next attempt: Mon, 18 Oct 2010 16:27:00 -0400: Database Error: The database is not initialized.

To me it sounds like the Web Reports database is still on version 7 and wasen’t properly upgraded to version 8.

Would I be right in this assumption? If so is there a way to perform this process? It didn’t look like there was a way using the setup GUI but perhaps there is a utiltiy or some switches I can pass.

If not any other suggestions on things to look for?

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I think it would be best to contact support to help you troubleshoot…


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Will do did a bit of searching yesterday before the work day was over and found a few registry keys to check out related to the database connection but those seemed correct as well. I’ll give support a call today.

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I added a new database pointing to the same DSN on the web reports server as the on tha was already configured. I was able to connect to the database with this new connection. After reviewing both connections side by side they are identical and using the same username and password. Not sure why the first connection was not working but I got the server back online.

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I am getting the same error message although my DB is local to BigFix server. Where do you turn on logging for web reports to get more information? My DSN is pointing to “LocalBESReportingServer”. Do I need to make this more specific? This does not show up in the list of Databases in SQL, although I do have “BESReporting” and “ReportServer” as DB’s.