Two BigFix Webinars this week: Sept 10, and 12

Fellow BigFix Enthusiasts,

We’re excited to be hosting two HCL BigFix Webinars this week:

Windows 7 End of Life problem? BigFix can help!
Tuesday September 10, 1-2pm EDT

Windows 7 reaches its end of extended support on January 14, 2020. That’s right around the corner! Does this impact your enterprise? BigFix can help!
Join Team BigFix to learn how BigFix can help solve Win7 EOL issues.

Presented by:
Dan Paquette – North American BigFix Technical Advisor Manager
Kathy Ngyuen – BigFix Technical Advisor

Microsoft Patch Content Review – September 2019
Thursday, September 12, 1-2pm EDT

Join our monthly Microsoft Patch recap. We’ll take a look at the most relevant recent MS Patches, and we’ll also review other patching topics, best practices, tips and tricks, etc.
Learn how BigFix can efficiently patch vulnerabilities at scale!

Presented by:
Dan Paquette – North American BigFix Technical Advisor Manager
Brad Sexton – BigFix Technical Advisor

Please join us to engage and learn about these important topics and how BigFix can enable you and your enterprise to face these and other challenges. Each webinar will end with an open Q&A. This is a valuable opportunity to talk directly with Team BigFix!

As always, you can visit us at
Engage with us at
Learn with us, including finding out about future events, at

Thank you for your time and support and engagement,

Dan Imbach
Technical Communications
HCL BigFix


HCL BigFix - Windows 7 EOL.pdf (386.3 KB)

Attached is our Windows 7 End-of-Life document.

We’ll get this hosted in a more accessible location soon!

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