Trying to migrate Mac clients to new environment

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I’m trying to migrate a handful of Macintosh clients from one TEM environment to a new one. The Task I found for it, didn’t do it.

Where does/do the Macintosh clients store their Masthead files? I’m assuming it’s the “actionsite.afxm” file rather than the “ActionSite.afxm” file.

I tried replacing the one under /Library/Application Support/BigFix/BES Agent folder then restarted the Mac, but it still reports to the old server.

Suggestions? I’ve got about 50 machines scattered across the state that need to be migrated.

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It depends on which version of the client you are running. If its prior to 8.2.1310 then its inside the .APP bundle.

If its after that then the location you mention is correct (and yes its actionsite.afxm)

I would also delete the __BESData folder within the BES Agent folder as it contains a lot of information about the old deployment.

The logs (in __BESData/__Global/Logs) should help tell you what deployment the system is trying to go to.

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The logs are how I determined it was still looking at the original environment. I was surprised to find that the logs were no longer visible via Console. Oh well. TextWrangler to the rescue!!

Once I deleted the __BESData folder and restarted the Agent, it’s now contacting the correct server.

Thank you for your help AlanM!!

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Console can still view the logs, but in 10.7 and above they made the /Library directory not easily accessible to the Console app. If you can trick it to getting into the directory structure you can get the logs open again in there.