Try to uninstall software

when i write “msiexec /X {91EAF59B-9FC2-41D9-9208-52684876B08A} /qn” on the cli of the server its remove it clearly, when i write “wait msiexec /X {91EAF59B-9FC2-41D9-9208-52684876B08A} /qn” on bigfix its failed, why?, 10x

You need to escape curly braces, otherwise, BigFix will treat your software GUID as a relevance statement and fail.

Try below:

wait "{pathname of system folder & "\msiexec.exe"}" /x {{91EAF59B-9FC2-41D9-9208-52684876B08A} /qn


it gave me “Invalid action content: the action script contains a syntax error.”

BigFix probably doesn’t like something in the code that you have changed; if you can share, we can take a look, but if you are using the exact same code that I described in my earlier post, I don’t see any problems (tested it on my test box).

Did you note the doubled curly brace (which escapes in in BigFix action script)? It’s easy to miss.

Your action script looks correct to me !!
Are you still seeing error when you click on OK?