Troubleshooting Scheduled Reports

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I have a report that goes out everyday at 7am. The operators have not received this report for the last two days. Are there logs that might show why they were not sent? I have a different report that has worked over the same time period, so I know that the email functionality is not completely broken.


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Hey Ernie,

There is a web reports debug log that can turn on (I am not sure if this log will help you but you can try it out):

HKLM\Software\BigFix\Enterprise Server\BESReports



Set to 0 to turn off log, 1 to turn it on



Full path to the log file, e.g. “c:\fullpath\file.txt”

It is probably best to not leave it on very long because it will keep growing…

You might also want to check “Program Files\BigFix Enterprise\BES Server\BESReportsData\ArchiveData\LastRunReports”. This folder will contain the report that was last sent for emailing.

What were the options you chose for scheduled activity?


(imported comment written by ErnieF91)

It’s working again this morning. I’ll turn on logging if I have problems with it again.

There are no special options set for delivery, just the time.