Trouble Detecting Windows Server 2019 Image in BigFix OSD

Hello BigFix Community,

I’m encountering an issue with detecting a Windows Server 2019 image in BigFix OSD. I have successfully uploaded the image, but the fields are not getting populated in the OSD_DataStore.ojo dashboard.

I have a relevance expression that is used in the original fixlet to populate the image fields, but it doesn’t seem to be working as expected:


unique values of preceding texts of firsts "%22" of following texts of firsts "consoleUploadID%22:%22" of values of shared variables whose (name of it starts with "OSD_WIM" and value of it contains "%22ImageSourceOS%22:%22Win10" and value of it contains "winResourceCUID%22:%22" and value of it does not contain "%22IsSetup%22:%22Capture") of bes wizards whose (dashboard id of it = "OSD_DataStore.ojo")
I suspect that changes may need to be made in the OSD_DataStore.ojo dashboard variable, but I’m not sure where to find this or what changes are needed.

Could someone please provide guidance on how to troubleshoot this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

In your case, I will just open Support Ticket.

I’m starting the BigFix Console as Administrator and able to upload images from ISO file

If I’m not wrong this relevance belongs to in-place upgrade deployment.
Is the in-place upgrade the deployment scenario you want to do?
It is supported only to install Windows 10/11
You can find more details at this link ->
You can deploy Windows Server with bare metal and reimage deployment.
In-place upgrade scenario for Windows Server is in plan to be supported within this year.
BigFix OSD L3 team

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