Triggred bes agent restart for all instead of 1000 endpoints

Triggred bes agent restart for all instead of 1000 endpoints, since then, endponts, relays, BF Serv all lost connectivity, sync established, but count going 1 lakh 50 thousand instead of 30000.
we cleared buffer dir and cleaned db. still showing duplicates.
please advise us how to over come on this issue.

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Yadagiri K

I suggest you open a Support Incident for assistance.

Given time it may resolve on its own, depending on the size of your deployment and the performance of your server and relays - it may just take a while for the reporting backlog to clear.on the server and relays.

If you have performed a client reset on the clients, they should re-register as new computers. You can remove the old duplicates manually, or use the computer remover options in the BESAdmin Tool, Cleanup tab,.to automatically remove the old instances of the computers.

If you have Relay Authentication enabled, that can complicate re-registering, which is where a Support incident can be helpful.

Also, please don’t post phone numbers in the Forum; this is a public forum and posting your personal info can expose you to phishing. I have removed your phone number from the original post.

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Thank you Jason for your support on this issue. will contact if any help required