Trigger refresh of BigFix from client

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I tested today BigFix over a remote login. Everything works fine of course, but I´d like to make one enhancement.

When users turn on their PC to do a remote login, they will be offline at the beginning. So BigFix cannot contact the server. After some minutes the PC is logged on, but BigFix will not recognize this. However, it took some minutes until new patches were downloaded.

We would like to have a possibility to trigger a refresh to BigFix when the VPN tunnel is established because that would save us 5-10 minutes. Its not much, but assuming that some users are often only online for 10 minutes or so, patching would take a long time.

Is there a command which triggers a BES client refresh?

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Hello Harald,

One of the easiest ways to trigger a BES Client refresh from the local workstation would be to restart the BESClient service. If your VPN solution allows a post connection routine you might use the following dos commands to propmt the BESClient to refresh from the Server/relay infrastructure.

Net stop BESClient

Net Start BESClient