Trend OfficeScan 10 client/Bes Relay High CPU usage

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We are having issues as of Tuesday morning with certain Trend client processes using high cpu when the Bes relay is running. Stop the relay or the Trend client and the problem stops.

The following are the executables that pop in and out among others that are pinning the servers.

Makebf.exe bsdiff.exe gencrcdiff.exe all about 20-30 percent.

Just wondering if you have this happening anywhere else.

Nothing has changed on the BigFix side with anything new pushed or actions in the last week or so.

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To add more info to Richard’s post…

We resolved the Makebf.exe, bsdiff.exe & gencrcdiff.exe issues by disabling the Integrated Smart Scan within the OfficeScan web console.

But we still see CPU usage sitting at 40-50% on our servers and yet if you look at the processes running within Task Manager the System Idle Process is averaging between 94-99%, the odd time the BES Relay service will jump up to 5% (which seems be normal)

If I unload the OfficeScan 10.0 client or disable the BigFix relay service - all our high CPU utilization issues go away.

I also doubled check and the …\BigFix Enterprise\BES Relay folder is entered into the OfficeScan Scan Exclusion List.

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Interesting… is this a single server or do you see this in multiple places? You might want to contact BigFix support and they can work with Trend support to look at this with you…