TRC unable retrieve value of specified LDAP attributes

This is my testing environment, TRC server version 9.1.3.
I found that the TRC server unable retrieve value of specified LDAP attributes, such as company and department, but these attributes actually do exist on the AD user, while TRC cannot normally retrieve them, is it bugs?

Hi Andy,

In the list of users LDAP Configuration wizard’s user search pane, there are two user field icons. The one to the left of the user shows all the LDAP attributes received from the server, and is updated each time the icon is clicked, so you should check that one to see that it does show the company: and department: fields as expected.

The other icon (to the right of the username, which you provided a screenshot of) gives the RC User fields, but this is only updated when the actual “Test User Search” is run. So if you have recently added the extra attributes to the user in LDAP, then re-run the user search using the “Test User Search” button, and check the RC field attributes again.

If you continue to have problems, please raise a PMR.

Software Engineer - IBM BigFix Remote Control