Transition to a Remote Database

We will soon move our SQL instance to a remote, dedicated-to-BigFix database server. For those who’ve done this…

  1. Does the Remote Database Guide cover all the issues?
  2. About how long did it take?
  3. What took most of the time? Mostly database backup and copying of files? Reconfiguring the ODBC DSN? etc.
  4. Any unexpected hiccups?


At my previous employer, we started our BigFix journey with remote DB2 with disastrous effects. If your throughput to your remote database isn’t sufficient, then you’ll have issues with the BESRootServer and BESFillDB services. If the storage performance isn’t sufficient, then you’ll have issues with the same BES services. The only way I’d consider implementing remote database would be if proximity, throughput and performance between the root BES server and remote database server could be guaranteed and fully monitored.