Transcoding Error

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What would cause an Agent to report a action status of “Transcoding Error”?

I’ve never seen it before.

I googled it and found "
Transcoding Error

Any suggestions on where to look to resolve this?

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I have seen this on a few clients, but I have no idea how to fix it.

It sounds like an ASCII to ASCII or Unicode <–> ASCII issue.

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Found this on another thread (

Re: Action status “Transcoding error”

Oct 22, 2013 in response to MetalMan

This error indicates an error occurred while trying to transcode data across codepages. IEM currently supports deployments that are all running in the same codepage, so likely the endpoints that are failing are in a different codepage than the server. Look for any filenames in the action that might be codepage specific (special or accent characters), or if relevance substitution might evaluate to something that contains unique characters. Gathering a client diagnostics to review the logs should provide a bit more detail.



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Thanks Charlamaine, I missed that one when I was searching for the issue.

I’ve hit that too… Looked up codepages on good/bad machines and could not spot a difference.
In the end the BF client on the transcoding error PC was one rev back (9.2.5.x instead of 9.2.6), so I upgraded it. No problem since !